What Is Marriage.

To re-define marriage is the current debate of our technologically advance society. Same-sex marriage is the #1 topic on this lust driven agenda.
As time and circumstances change, indeed some things become archaic and change is justifiable. But, there are certain foundational principles that cannot and should not be altered irrespective of the times or cultures.. The Bible says’ “Remove not the old landmark which thy fathers have set.” Proverbs 23:10.

Let’s take for instance—“Thou shalt not kill.” As old as this law is–according to the FBI-UCR program there were 15.693 murders in the US in 2015. Should we then redefine murder? Murder seems to be the highlight of our daily news.

By logical reasoning as with LGBT’s agenda, we should legalize this crime state by state. But, to do so would be foolish by any standards.
Likewise, marriage is one of those foundational principles that cannot be altered, regardless of modern-day trends. In the beginning, God created Adam and because he was alone God created for and from Adam a suitable helpmeet–Eve.
At first sight, Adam declared, “This is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

Thus, God established a pattern for marriage–a man and a woman. But, by vile affections, unseemly behavior and un-natural acts, men and women continue to change the truth of God into a lie. And, since they do not retain God in their knowledge, He has given them over to reprobate minds, to do those which are not convenient. Romans 1:21-30.

However, marriage Is:
1. Marriage is, and always will be the union of one man with one woman in a holy covenant as established by God. Genesis 2:18-25.
She was physically and emotionally different; therefore she complemented him–there was no need for competition.
She was suitable because:                                                                         A. Together, they could carry out God’s plan to multiply and replenish the earth.
B. None of the animal, birds or fish: could meet Adams needs.
C. God could not meet all of Adam’s needs. Eve was the created vessel to meet those needs. God is Spirit, Adam is Flesh.

Their sin was not sex—it was their disobedience to specific instructions.

2. Marriage is the most honorable thing a man can do in the eyes of God. However, honor wears a costly price tag—complete surrender. The noteworthy challenge is—if we will not submit to God, neither will we submit to a spouse. Honor thrives best in the spirit of humility.

3. Marriage is that divine crucible into which two people may enter, and by a series of sometimes excruciating, transformations, become one with each other. Ephesians 5:31 says, “They two shall be one flesh.”
Contrary to the modern-day trend, you cannot become one with your spouse while maintaining your individuality. “I need my own space,” is counter-productive, to becoming one. “I “ and “Me” must be replaced with “We” and “Us”. Like medicine, the taste may be un-pleasant, but it’s the panacea for the pain.

To Become Demands Change–the expense of: Time, Patience, Understanding and Forgiveness.

4. Marriage begins with a wedding, but it will take more than food and drink, gowns and tucks., pearls and diamonds, lips and hips, six-pack abs., or six-figure incomes, to have a marriage. Be warned: the emotional and physical demands are far greater than butterfly romance and tantric sex. “O for a closer walk with God” is going to be the hearts’ cry of everyone who dares to walk to the altar and vows, “I do.”

The ceremony may last a few hours, with expenditures amounting to thousands of dollars. The marriage however, is meant for life and will cost more than the proverbial “Arm and a Leg.” It has to be the total sacrifice. Not a matching 50/50, but each spouse committing one hundred percent.

5. In marriage God must be first. Not just in word but in practice. Spouses second, children third then family and friends. Every precept must be built upon a precept–first things must be set first. Initiating precepts, where there are no precepts is like trying to install a door or a window where there are no walls. Furthermore, it’s asking two people to love and care for each other, when there’s no relationship with God. The foundation of every marriage must be rooted in our devotion to God.

6. Marriage has no I did, or I will, only–I do. Yesterdays’ good deeds and tomorrows’ thoughtful intentions cannot be substituted for what is needed for the present. Therefore every day from that memorable moment at the altar, each spouse must continually say–I do.

The focus and future of the marriage cannot be the initial attractions or the honeymoon experiences. Changes in physical appearances, finances, health and many other issues do occur–so that, some of the exciting things you shared during the courtship may not be practical in the marriage.
The greater purpose for commitment should be the promises made, by the vow of the covenant.
“To have and to hold–I do
To love and to cherish–I do
In sickness or health–I do
For richer or poorer–I do.
For better or for worse–I do
Till death do us path–I do.
Each statement of promise exercised daily.
It doesn’t matter how you feel–I do.
Even when you don’t feel anything–I do.
When you’re unhappy with each other–I do.
Regardless of the circumstances–I do.

Every day should be a new day–a new beginning–all we’ll ever have is the stark reality of now–today. So that, over and over, and over again: I should be willing to do, until all that I-do–is because of all that I’ve become. Daily sacrificing self, while progressively reconciling all accounts, until the scale is balanced and one plus one, equals one.

                  What Does It Mean To Be A Wife or Husband?

7. In marriage, the husband is to the wife, what Christ is to the church, and the wife is to her husband, what the Church is to Christ. Ephesians 5:23.
8. Marriage and Christ-likeness are synonymous. Husbands must Love their wives as Christ loves the Church. Ephesians 5:25.
9. In marriage, the wife must reverence her husband. Ephesians 5:33. (Another word for reverence is respect.)

                                Roles and Function:
10. Husbands and wives are not equal. As the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Ephesians 5:24.                                                                                        This has nothing to do with culture or tradition–it’s what the Bible says.
But because he loves as Christ loves:
He sacrifices himself for her comfort, happiness, and wellbeing.
She lacks nothing that she desires.
She’s his number one priority.
She’s loved beyond measure.
She has no care. Her provisions are in abundance.
She’s protected from evil, fear and worry.
Ps. Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him lord. 1 Peter3:6.

11. In marriage, the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Ephesians 5:23.
Regardless of what our customs and cultures have handed down to us, the word of God is the final authority on marriage. Our only response is obedience.