Mr. President, Let’s build that wall

Dear Mr. President.
Congratulations on your triumphant victory after a gruelling 18-month long marathon to the White House. Man–you’ve got stamina! Wow! Thank God, it’s all over.
I promise–I will continue praying for you and your family.

I must confess–I did not vote for you or any other Republican. As a matter of fact, I encouraged everyone I know, to vote Democrat. However, the electorate has spoken and so we’re all striving to come to terms with our loss. As “Almost President” Michael Dukakis(D) said, “Losing sucks.”
Sir, as you deliberate on the priorities concerning our nation, I would like to strongly suggest, that within your first 100 days in office–you must, and I repeat–you must include, “Building a wall.”

Mr. President, this idea of building a wall, in no way coincides with your immigration reforms, border patrol or the plight of desperate Syrian refugees. This wall however, addresses the preservation of the dignity and honor, of the once esteemed office of the “Presidency of the United States.” An office which continues to lose prominence and significance, both from a national and a global perspective.
Let’s be clear, to build this wall will require drastic constitutional amendments—which, may warrant a vote by Congress to approve and implement the necessary changes. Nevertheless, I’m vehemently optimistic that with your expertise, you’ll be able to expedite this matter with calculated precision.

This wall, unlike that on your agenda, cannot be financed by the Mexican or Russian government. Moreover, we do not have the time or the luxury to debate this issue. You must hasten, to administrate every national resource within your power–to restore the excellency of the Oval Office (our seat of power and International leadership) We must protect our country from “Hackers, Bad hombres, Nasty Women and practically anyone who is not fit to be commander in chief.”

Sir, please let me explain further. In Corporate-America prospective applicants are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, combined with some work experience, to be considered for employment. In many instances, related community service can be substituted for required experience. Health benefits and other perks are usually added, only after the initial ninety-day period.
But, it’s alarmingly evident, that for the highest office, in the greatest nation in the world, there’s little or no stipulated qualifications. Apparently, any Joe Bloke with a US birth certificate can choose to run for the  “Presidency of the United States of America.”

I therefore, beseech you–by the mercies of Almighty God–that with all diligence you build an impregnable wall. One that will safeguard any further hemorrhaging of this prestigious office. Indeed, sir– “Let’s Make America Great Again.” At this juncture is where the healing must begin, and you sir, have been elected to the job. You started it—now it’s your responsibility to finish it. You most certainly have the vision. I firmly believe–if you can make it plain and simple; not by a tweet, but a clear focused address to the nation–you no doubt will have the support of the majority–and yes, we will more than ever, be “Stronger Together.”

While all the media, pollsters, and political pundits predicted that you could not win this election, you apparently saw a path that proved them all wrong. Almost single-handedly you took on the establishment–even that of your affiliate party and ran a herculean campaign against a thirty-year veteran–and won. Amazing!
It’s going to take the political forensic scientists, several months to fully understand what really happened. No doubt, the history of the United States of America will continue to echo the sound of this TRUMP–ET for centuries to come.

Moreover, I strongly recommend you make this a matter of national security. Sir, building this wall will ensure, that in our 2020 election, this kind of ugly, negative, disgusting rhetoric never occurs again in these supposedly united states.
We should never publicly debase one another to exercise our democracy. As a civilized nation, with international leadership capabilities, we must do better. We must remove the mask that says “we are all Americans” and deal with the harsh realities which shows, that even in this 21st century–America is still divided by hatred, bigotry, injustice, racial prejudices, economic hardship and so much more.

The election campaigns of 2016, has clearly indicated, that there is still a White America, versus a Black America, with millions of Immigrants scattered throughout the Union. The question still looms–when will America become the United States?
Furthermore, before you attempt to “Drain the Swamp.” I suggest you “Build the Wall.” Failure to do so would result in an unprecedented number of displaced crocs. (crooks–power players) returning as consultants, lobbying the White House. Men, women and those in-between, who can indeed provide a US birth certificates, but are in fact Mexican, Syrian, African, Asian or even Russian. “Believe me,” draining a swamp exposes a lot of strange creatures.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan, called on the then leader of the Soviet Union Mr. Gorbachev to “Tear down the walls.” Why then, are we seeking to build walls of division–at home and with our foreign allies?

So, here are my humble suggestions– (Allowing sufficient time for execution and implementations of policies and procedures) as of January 1st, 2018—candidates for the presidential election must possess the following minimum qualifications.

1. Must be a citizen born in the United States and must have lived in the US at least 20 years prior to the election.
2. Must be either male or female as evident by an original birth certificate. (Ambiguity and fluidity are contributors to Anarchy)
3. Must hold a doctoral degree in Law, and /or Political Science.
4. Must be between the ages of 50 and 70.
5. Must pass a mandatory medical and drug test.
6. Must be able to communicate well. (no name calling)
7. Must be a taxpayer and must release their tax returns for the past ten years.
8. Must have had no more than one bankruptcy. Certainly, not six or seven.
9. Mandatory background check. No criminal history. No pending legal matters.
10. Must be the husband of one wife
11. Must have held local and/or state office as Mayor, Senator or Governor for no less than 15 years. (combined experience)
12. Must be able to pass a test on world affairs. (e.g. Who or what is Aleppo?)
13. Must be fluent in two languages. English must be the primary.
14. Must have a good driving record, no DWI
15. Non-smoker of marijuana. (medicinal or recreational)
16. Must have documented evidence of having traveled to all states, and can name each state capital.
17. Must be a Christian and know how to pray…no longer are you going to tell someone “Our prayers are with you” and you don’t pray.
18. Must have a Fico Score of minimum 750. (Credit Check)
19. Must have an operating knowledge of the Constitution of the United States.

P.S. I further recommend that all prospective applicants be interviewed by a panel, comprising three past presidents, four chief justices and two members of the clergy. With their selection and recommendations, America votes. In this manner there’ll be no need for campaigning and the millions wasted can now be put to better use.

Sir, “We are Stronger Together–So Let’s Make America Greater.”
As it is Written–So let it be Done. Signed and sealed.

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